Over De Zee (2008)
Over de zee (2008)
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A novel based on an article found in a 1904 newspaper clipping, a true story of a beautiful, mysterious woman dressed in an elaborate white evening gown that walked on board the S.S. Kroonland cruise ship travelling from Antwert to New York City. There were rumors around the ship of this beautiful, eccentric woman with no luggage, no clothes, penniless, and was settled in the first class section of the ship.All the passengers were drawn to this unique woman in white. This event brought all the passengers talking, being comfortable with each other, making friends and giving each other support going to a new country for a new life.The characters were the main topic of this book was travelling to Ellis Island, what would they find in the new country, and how would they survive. The author draws a wonderful picture of an early cruise voyage and what it would have been like in the early 1900's. An interesting novel but slow at times., very unique, The story seemed really disjointed but maybe that was because it was translated. It was interesting that the author took a real headline and wrote a fictional story based on that one headline. It was too far fetched and not "real" enough for me. For Valentina to take one look at Thomas and instantly fall in love, and for Thomas to feel the same way? Come on. And the fact that she is denied entrance to America - why? Did I miss something? What happens to her? The story ends so abruptly. I couldn't feel for any of the characters. Victoria, Valentina, Thomas, Henri. It all lead to nowhere for me.
I enjoyed the story...but it just ended. There was no satisfactory conclusion.
It was an interesting story but it lacked development of the characters.
This was a three star until I got to the ridiculously bad ending.
Enjoyed reading this book...wish there was a 3.5 rating
Interesting and good.
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