Paciente Cero (2010)
Paciente cero (2010)
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849800604X (ISBN13: 9788498006049)
La Factoría de Ideas
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I'm sad that the hero survived... If he had died the book would have been better.I was also annoyed by:- the fact that the super (handsome) hero gets the super model.- the "hint" about the Bellmaker. Really? Why did it take so long before our super (smart) hero got it? - the predictability of the plot. Not even one surprise... - the patriotism in this book (i.e. US = greatest nation in the whole wide world. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against the US but for a (continental) European patriotism is strange...) I would have given 1 star but the writing in itself wasn't that bad. The problem is the strory and the characters. Good action-packed horror. I guess it's being called military horror now, but whatever you want to call it, it's some damn creepy fun. Maberry makes the science sound quite plausible and that plausibility scares the hell outta me. He writes characters just as good. His heroes are three-dimensional with faults and doubts. His villains are not always as believable but it works for this type of story. By that I mean that his villains are pulpy comic book-type villains that are quite easy to hate. The scenarios the villains concoct are apocalyptic in scale, the chapters are relatively short keeping the action going seemingly non-stop and the story just flies by at break-neck pace. It's good stuff and I'm currently on the third Joe Ledger series of novels.
Police procedural thriller with a pinch of zombie. Quick read with plenty of action.
This book is action filed from the beginning, to the end. It is an excellent read.
Terrible. A bad comic book pretending to be a novel.
It was like reading a Tom Clancy novel with Zombies.
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