Painted Faces (2000)
Painted Faces (2000)
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It is not every day I read a story like this. Whilst at certain points Fred was a little annoying, her relationship with Viv/Nicholas was beautiful to read and I loved how it slowly unfolded. Not a perfect rating due to some slight annoyances and certain limiting cultural and modern references that will limit the longevity of the book. The ability of Fred to live off selling 60 cupcakes a day plus a few hours on minimum wage in a charity shop is also a little questionable! The concept of the book was lovely and very original and I enjoyed this a lot though, hence the 4 stars. When I first read the blurb of Painted Faces, I really didn't know what to make of the story. It was a bit dramatic, unconventional, but definitely intriguing. I was hesitant, I put off reading it, I eventually read it and now I'm here making a review because I really really liked it. I liked the fact that the book made a lot of sense as to how the characters dealt with their feelings. I felt like I can relate with most of the situations depicted in the novel because at one time or another, I've experienced them or have seen them being played out in real life. I've also noticed that the author writes supporting characters that are very fluid in terms of gender and brings to mind a quote along these lines:"Gender is a shifting nexus of possibilities." I loved that at first, I thought I wouldn't understand the "whys" behind the actions of the characters but I did understand because the author did a good job of telling their love story. It's unique, it's real, it gives you feels and it has an HEA!Couldn't ask for more :)
I adored this so much, I have ordered the paperback. It will live on my shelf.
sweet story. very unoque settings, like all Cosway's storiesIralend rocks!!
Unique story. Great writing by author.
Really, really wonderful...
3.5 stars.
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