Palace Of Stone (2012)
Palace of Stone (2012)
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1599908735 (ISBN13: 9781599908731)
Bloomsbury USA
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First of all my real review is still to come, but for now I can just say that I didn't like this one as much as the first. A bit of a spoiler for you, is that she basically prances around the palace, and her new school, and 'holds hands' with boys all day, talking about how much she misses home, and wants everything to go well. Not exactly feeling the goal, and dramatic pull in this one...The first book had realistic (if I can even use that word on this topic) trials and goals, which was mainly to get a Prince Charming. This book was a drag on how Prince Charming and Co. needed trimming up before her friend marries him happily. In the whole picture here, I liked where it was going, but I feel like at least 4 chapters were unnecessary, when you think about their importance. Unfortunately I can only give this book a *2.7* as I almost liked it.Review to come, hopefully with excerpts.~Simone Miri, graduate of Princess Academy and Mount Eskel girl through and through, has been invited to the lowlands to attend an Academy. She hungers for more knowledge and aches to learn, but hates leaving her family. She of course cannot resist the siren call of the libraries, and there she goes with some other Mount Eskel folks to participate in higher education and see her friend Britta again. Now, Miri has been clear about her feelings for Peder, but when he becomes embroiled in work and does little else, she feels he's becoming distant and finds herself drawn to a young revolutionary named Timon. His spirit and ideas frighten and delight her, and so does Timon himself. Drawn into a revolution that she realizes ultimately hurts her noble friends (including Britta), Miri wonders how she will ever choose a side, as she's been advised that there's no way she can do both--she cannot support both a revolution and the status quo, she cannot be with both Peder and Timon, she cannot live in Asland and Mount Eskel--but as is always the case, Miri will reach into herself and find her own special strength, and bring it out in others as much as she can.I love Miri and her foray into young adulthood, and I love the way she expresses these dualities and makes mistakes along the way. Her passion sometimes gets in the way of her foresight, but she is a deep-rooted girl and positively bleeds compassion. As always, I admire the way Shannon Hale can create a plot that has huge stakes spanning a whole kingdom but manages to boil it down and give us the personal slice through Miri. It's enchanting.
I didn't remember enough of the first book to get into this one. Very political.
Shannon Hale books are always wonderful! I love to read them over and over!
A masterpiece! Even better than the first one!
Obviously influenced by the dystopian trend!!
3.5 stars
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