Paleorecept (2010)
Paleorecept (2010)
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Great diet! I've been doing it for a couple of months and am actually enjoying it. I've lost a few pounds but haven't noticed any major improvements in wellbeing - although I haven't been doing it strictly as I have yet to cut out cheese and milk in tea. The book is enjoyable to read, although a little rambling at times. It's great apart from the recipes - would be better if there were pictures. Listen buttercup, I look down on anyone who is overweight or thinks they know anything about nutrition, do you want to look good naked? Then eat meat and lettuce, never eat a carb or sugar again, don't listen to doctors, we need to go back to the paleolithic period and completely emulate everything they did, capisce?There, now you don't have to read the book. You're welcome. OH, also, if you don't want your children to get diabetes or cancer take the night light out of their room.In Wolf's defense I believe he has good intentions -- eating healthy and exercising will have a positive impact on your life. But the fact that he is not a doctor and he has such a condescending and pejorative tone throughout the book makes him feel more like a meat head than someone who's diet I want to follow.
Great intro to Paleo™. Wait to pick it up on the Buck Books if you don't need an intro.
excellent information delivered in a non preachy, non dogmatic viewpoint.
Great insight into the why's and how's of Paleo.
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