Palo Alto (2009)
Palo Alto (2009)
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This book is a slap in the face, Franco doesn't feel the need to romanticise the stories or make his readers happy with soppy, predictable and satisfying endings. It challenged my perception of how books should be written and his choppy writing style is described as unpleasant by a lot of reviewers but in my opinion is highly original. This book was a refreshing read and extraordinarily realistic. His ability to put himself in the mindset of a teen is amazing. Never read anything like it I got this book out of curiosity, but I am afraid to say it was simply too vulgar for me. Each story usually started with someone drinking vodka and the characters had no depth. I don't consider myself a prude, but at one point I strongly considered not even finishing the book because it reached such levels of pointless depravity.I also considered it mildly insulting to the teenage generation that all any of the characters cared about was getting wasted and getting laid - give teenagers a little more credit than that!I would not recommend this book, ever.
Quite a weird book, but I have to admit, Franco has undeniable talent.
California style "Catcher in the Rye".
I loved this book
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