Pan's Revenge (2000)
Pan's Revenge (2000)
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3.75[Spoiler possible]I've definitely liked the first book more. It was kinda confusing and weird that Peter gets feelings for Anfel just because he's growing up. I also thought Hooks decision to kidnap Angel as he knows how important her sisters and family are was not well enough written. Furthermore, Angel forgetting her memory AGAIN was for me too much.However, I loved seeing Hook and Angel together again and I also enjoyed reading about gow Angel falls in love with him again and remembers everything.The end was totally a cliffhanger again but I didn't mind at all :DIt really helped me getting out of my reading slump and that's why I have to give it nearly 4 stars I liked this book but, not as much as the first one. Angel, when back to London, forgot about Neverland, and her process to reminds of it, was a little bit, boring. James Hook, as always, is super charming and adorable!Peter Pan is even more jerk! I know that he was aging against his wish, but even so, he was really evil!Anyway, atleast, I'm glad that Angel and Hook had their happy ending.It was a nice reading.
Almost a 4, and definitely a fun read.
Almost 5 stars! I loved this story!
2.8 Stars!
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