Paper Or Plastic (2000)
Paper or Plastic (2000)
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Let me start off by saying that while this while this idea has already been done before, I haven't read other books like this, but I can say that this book was awesome and I loved it.The characters and basically the whole plot of the story was well written and well orchestrated. I felt like nothing was out of place in the story, everything had a purpose- sort of like cause and effect. The whole thing about the beauty pageants seemed irrelevant to me, but then I realized that it was actually important, and it gave Lex more opportunities to get close to Noah.And yeah, I know that this novel was romance driven but I was okay with it, more than okay, and I was glad that she had a romance with Noah because not only did it help Lex view things differently, especially people, she also changed for the better. Not to mention her family too, they all got closer and Lex had to deal with her grandma having Alzheimer's and so she was sad about it but Noah helped her and she did the same for him with his abusive dad. WIthout going into too much detail, because that would basically spoil a lot of the story, it was nice seeing all the different sides of Lex and Noah. They were just so cute together, and I liked how honest and funny they were with each other. They flirted and really cared for each other. I can just tell they are going to have their HEA. Hopefully the author writes a small novella or gives us an update about what in the future with them. A fun, fast-paced teen romance full of heart, light and enjoyable characters, Vivi Barnes has added in some serious themes that add to, rather than detract from the story. Alexis is caught shoplifting but in exchange for not calling the police, she is expected to work at the SmartMart by the store’s owner. Not particularly interested in the other employees of the supermarket, she’s a bit of a tough pill at first, until the quirkiness and characters who work there start to befriend her. From there, Alexis shows the girl she was meant to be: funny, honest, loving and caring; sure she had those teen moments, but overall she was a young girl learning her way in the world. Her manager Noah is one of the reasons for this change: first offering friendship and showing Alexis that it is possible to be a teen and still think of others first, his character was lovely. Working multiple hours and jobs he’s earning extra money so his little sister can continue to enter beauty pageants: her favorite hobby. Noah never gets resentful or fussy about doing all that work, even as Barnes does add in some of the ‘not so wonderful’ elements about the pageant industry. These are mentioned, never dwelled on, but give readers something more to think about. Other characters in the grocers are introduced, with bits about their lives, their quirks and even their friendship with Alexis. They added depth and a fullness, and brought some new issues for readers: showing that not all is as it seems. Fortunately, Barnes avoids the love triangle in this: while Alexis does have some doubts about her choice of Noah, it is more a loyalty to another friend who believes Noah has mistreated him than a triangle. As Alexis determines what it is she really wants, the relationship between the two really starts to blossom and become a romance, fully grounded in friendship. A fun, quick read that isn’t as fluffy as others I have read with teens at the center: this story is sure to entertain readers looking for characters that feel familiar and possible. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Mediocre story, but all the characters at the store were just lovely!
Overall Entertaining read, not the best but not bad either
Actual rating:3.5 it was super cute!
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