Pardon Me! (2014)
Pardon Me! (2014)
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1442489979 (ISBN13: 9781442489974)
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
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With only a few words, the story is easily told with illustrations and attitude.Poor little bird just wants some peace and quiet and he thinks he has found it on his own little island, that is until a larger bird and a frog and a turtle join him. So when Mr. Fox decides to add a little insight to the situation, the little bird loses his patience. Unfortunately, this is the one-bit of advice that he should have listened to. Minimal words and great illustrations make this a wonderful book and laugh aloud funny at the end. A little yellow bird tries to sit quietly on a rock, but keeps being interrupted by very polite animals.While the mixed digital media is quite colorful and detailed, the plot of this book is, unfortunately, not original. I did enjoy the "whoooops" ending, I feel as though recently the sarcastic animal is just being overdone. And again, I do enjoy these types of tongue-in-cheek type of things, but this one, while the ending is clever in the use of the "pardon me," it does not sit atop my favorites pile.
A funny and clever one for the very young readers (I reckon age 3-6).
Nice illustrations and awesome lesson for kids not to be a douche.
This book is pretty hilarious, and the illustrations are gorgeous.
I love a book with a surprise ending! Terrific!
Cute twist ending.
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