Party Games (2014)
Party Games (2014)
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1250051614 (ISBN13: 9781250051615)
St. Martin's Griffin
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Party Games by R.L. Stine isn't as good as I thought it would be. It was a bit too cheesy.But I have to admit it did have a great idea behind it.The thing I didn't like was that Rachel Martin(the not-so-popular girl) had a crush on Brendan Fear(the ever-so popular rich boy). Towards the end of the story Brendan admits to liking Rachel. That's how pretty much every story is. I dont recommend this book to any horror story fan. I was honestly disappointed by how the story turned out. Party Games by R.L. Stine is a scary book in the beginning. What I mean is that Its scary until you reach a little before part 4. At a little before part four all the scary thing happening kind of just get ruined and aren't scary anymore. Then at the end like other goosebumps stories something scary happens and you realize things but its not scary. So I would recommend this book to people who don't want to be too scared by a book but has spooky suspense. I’m guessing most people are fine with that so I would recommend it to the people in my class. If there was a second book I probably would read it.
Terrible book and unlike previous Fear Street novels filled with suspense.
I'm 12 and I love this book.
Que asco
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