Party Of One (2014)
Party of One (2014)
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“Canadians are sleepwalking through dramatic social, economic and political changes surreptitiously being implemented by a government abusing omnibus bills and stifling public and parliamentary debate...Mr. Harper has not played within the rules. Having attained absolute power, he has absolutely abused that power to the maximum.”This nearly 500 page book is dry at times, but its message is clear. Canada's parliamentary democracy is threatened by Stephen Harper. Michael Harris doesn't waste our time with the usual boondoggles and sixteen dollar orange juice scandals, he confines his review of the government's performance to examples which clearly show that this prime minister and his government really do treat the institution of parliament with the contempt with which they charged and convicted.Only rarely do we see the personal side of Mr. Harper in this book; this is a litany of what he has done as Prime Minister to alter Canada, not an examination of who he is personally. There is no mudslinging here; just the presentation of some rather terrifying facts. The tone is a little sharpish, but frankly, I don't blame Michael Harris for that. It has left me feeling more than a bit sharpish too. The amazing thing about this book is that there is nothing new here. Yet it needed to be written because, as polls show, Canadians seem to have forgotten pretty much all of this. It's all here, from contempt of Parliament to an out and out attack on science to the Senate expenses scandal. The Senate expenses scandal chapters are the best. The sheer level of duplicity involved is astonishing and frightening. The Conservatives rode into the House of Commons on the coattails of the sponsorship scandal. Yet they blew much more money, all of it unapproved, on jazzing up Clement's riding for the G8 summit. The sad thing about this book is that those who should read it won't. Supporters of the Conservatives or even fence sitters will read this, and already have, and immediately dismiss it as a diatribe. An unjustified personal attack against the Prime Minister. Yet nothing here is disputed in fact. So even though Harris employs rhetorical flourish at times, none of the meat of what he reports is in dispute. Most of it is on the public record and what was not was published in the media. Read this for what it is. A critical analysis of the last 8 years of Conservative rule under Stephen Harper. It is not "balanced" reporting. It is objective reporting. Harris's position is obvious. But to use that to completely disregard all of the thoroughly researched and documented information he puts forward is to either be blindly partisan, or to agree with what is reported. Of course, anyone is free to agree with the actions documented in this book. This book is brutally honest. That is its shortcoming. Harris makes no attempt at sugar coating. So even if you are the most devout Harper fan, read this book. Go in with an objective mind. Use your faculties of reason and judgment to separate Harris's personal opinions from the evidence put forth. If then, on the basis of that evidence, you still decide to support Harper and the Conservative Party, then so be it. But don't just dismiss it because Harris is passionate about the subject. That would be a mistake. To effectively judge the record of the Conservatives in government, this more or less sums up everything they've done wrong. I can't direct you to a book with the other viewpoint, but it may be out there. Every Canadian should read this book cover to cover before the next election and then judge for themselves the merits of the evidence put forth.
This was really uninteresting. Just read the last 40 pages for the whole story.
very informative . wish everyone could read this before the next election
Insightful. interesting read on how and what shaped the PM's ideology.
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