Perfect Health Diet: Regain Health And Lose Weight By Eating The Way You Were Meant To Eat (2012)
Perfect Health Diet: Regain Health and Lose Weight by Eating the Way You Were Meant to Eat (2012)
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Yet another diet book. It certainly reinforced what I know is bad: vegetable oil, refined sugar, too much omega 6, wheat. It fell in line with eat plenty of vegetables. And it did quite a job of presenting scientific data on the basic food groups and supplements and daily living (sleep and exercise.) But. . . their prescription diet is pretty much every single thing I have been told by many sources not to do: eat 3 eggs a day, red meat 5 times a week, including liver (including goat!), eat coconut oil by the teaspoonful! never eat cereal again or pretty much any carb like it (pasta, eat shellfish, and say to yourself healthy fat, and a fair amount of it, is good. Ugh. The problem with this diet for me is that though they say why these things are good they do not say why they are bad. Not enough practical how-to. Too much technical detail. Presented in hard-to-skim, unhelpful formats. For example, it wasn't immediately obvious which foods are rich in zinc in the section discussing copper and zinc, which is the kind of thing a person reading about a zinc deficiency would want to know. While I agree nearly 100% with the information/conclusions presented, the presentation was pretty inaccessible.
Best health and diet book EVER. Nothing more needs to be said.
Good rationality but I'm still not ready for "safe starches"
informative. still digesting info
I am sold
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