Phil-osophy (2014)
Phil-osophy (2014)
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Howard Books
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I really enjoyed this book. It really is a very truthful, controversial, and thoughtful book on politics, faith, and more. I loved the politics part because let's face it a lot of us Americans want to say what Phil said but we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings when it comes to welfare. I also loved how he talked about kids no longer competing for spots on team sports and competitions. Life is not fair and the world doesn't owe us anything. I have always been a competitive person (not in sports) but I have auditioned for all county band and for fine art programs and have been accepted, in order to write I have to beat everyone out for a publication. I like being thebest at anything I want to succeed at. That is harsh truth.The part that deals with religion was also very touching for me to read. I always struggled to grasp religion because, well let's be frank, when you ask questions about it people get offended. I found a lot of answers to questions I had in this book. It doesn't cover everything but I do wish that I could gain more understanding about the Bible. Still I loved the passion that Phil has when he talks about God. Wonderful read!!! If we had more Phil Robertson's in the world, it would be a much better place. Phil has a no nonsense way of telling it like it is. Love God and love your neighbor. It's that simple. For those that think he hates, they really need to keep an open mind and read this book and see where he is coming from. If they are honest, they will have to admit that he's a great man.
I enjoyed reading it. Wish the book was thicker. Glad I've checked it out from the library.
An unapolegetic statement of his beliefs.
A little crude for my taste...
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