Phone Kitty (2000)
Phone Kitty (2000)
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I got this book free from BookBub. I did enjoy it. The frequent typos were very distracting. It grabbed me up front with a cute, quirky protagonist. I felt the story sagged a bit in the middle but pulled me back in toward the end. I was able to guess the killer but not until three quarters of the way through, so that was good. The strange little video at the end was a fun twist. This is the first time I've encountered an accompanying video with a book. I like the added element. I have no idea what made me think I was gonna like this story but after reading the first pages and ignoring it for more than 6 months I'm DNF'ing this book. No other choice. I don't even remember the few pages I did read. I reached about 20%, if I'm not mistaken, and I couldn't care less how it ended. I couldn't connect with the MC or her circumstances and the idea of a wimpy woman like her investigating a murder seemed ludicrous. Thanks but no.
3.5....almost up to a 4. I would def read more by her
Good book. The ending was rushed though.
Enjoyable fun read
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