Pimpernelles 01: The Pale Assassin (2011)
Pimpernelles 01: The Pale Assassin (2011)
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This heroine is young enough to grate on the nerves of most readers and the plot isn't entirely clear and connected. However, the story wasn't entirely awful. Overall, if you are interested in the time period or young heroines it is worth the read. Enjoy!There are some mature themes due to the fact that Paris in in the middle of a revolution during this book so parents might want to read first before recommending it to there children but there is little-no sexual content. I feel like this book had a lot of promise. The author obviously researched, in depth, the French Revolution. She had a fairly strong premise. But the story just failed to deliver. None of the characters had any real depth to them. Eugenie in particular was an irritating main character who simply let life happen to her. All the way through the book she was concerned about her appearance and her comfort with little thought to those around her. It would have been nice to see some sort of character development but there was nothing.The romance also fell completely flat. There was no sense of growing awareness of attraction. Just two characters suddenly holding hands in the final paragraph.Overall a very disappointing book.
Didn't finish it, it was kind of boring. Plus a lot of the words were in french.
Second mediocre French Revolution novel I've read in a row. Bummer.
a truly fantastic book can't wait for the second one
Slow at the beginning but LOVED IT!!!!!!!
Great book
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