Planesrunner (2011)
Planesrunner (2011)
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Fun, well-written, very imaginative. Technically YA but that's largely marketing; I think one could just call it a regular old sf novel with a teenager as a main character. (I'm sure saying that will offend some proponent of YA books; I say this mainly because I tend to shy away from YA books in general but tried this because McDonald is one of my go-to authors for particularly insightful and well-written books. For what it's worth I picked up all three books in the trilogy and have continued directly into the next volume.) I have no qualms about reading YA Fiction, and I was already a fan of Ian McDonald after reading Desolation Road. (I think DR is one of the best recent Sci Fi books out there.) Sometimes YA fiction has the fast-paced storytelling that I need in my escapism lately. Grim despair and apocalypse require forward movement to give us hope.Everett Singh is a young genius who lives with his father in modern day London. When his father is kidnapped, Everett sets out on a journey across the multiverse to rescue him. Everett is in danger immediately, and uses his wits (and soccer skills) to try to outwit and outrun the sinister group who has his father. As he learns about the project his father was working on with inter dimensional travel, he travels to a London that is driven by electricity and has no petroleum. It is Steampunk without the steam. He meets a crew on a dirigible that becomes his family. His new best friend is a young female dirigible pilot named Sen. The rhyming-slang sound of Palari, the secret language of the Airish, really adds to the feel of another world. I am ready for the next book in the series!
A brilliant book full of action and adventure with a cast of intriguing characters.
Absolutely top notch YA SF. One of the best books of 2011 without a doubt.
Maybe minus a third of a star because it was a To Be Continued.
Mmmm, Stargatey. Also, Worldshakery. Wonderful characters!
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