Planet Pregnancy (2008)
Planet Pregnancy (2008)
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I picked up this book at my local library not knowing what to expect. But after reading the back cover, I was hooked. It's a story told in all free-verse poetry (the poetry was really clever and cute) about a sixteen year old girl named Sahara (like the desert) who has just found out she is pregnant by her loser ex-boyfriend. Living in a strict single parent household with a super religious best friend, she is at a loss. Should she keep it, get rid of it, or give it away? She struggles with her secret for the first five months of her pregnancy (although realistically speaking she should have seen a doctor right away) but never loses her wit and charm through her poetry. It's a short read that I finished in about an hour but I loved it nonetheless! This book is about a girl that gets pregnant at 16 years old and the first thing she says, is that she is waiting for the pink line to appear which is the pregnancy test. when the test is positive she gets really scared and doesn't tell anybody. After this she starts getting nausea and other symptoms. The months pass and she relates the story of what she feels. At first she doesn't want the baby and calls the baby, embryo and it. Later she calls the guy that got her pregnant and tells him that she is pregnant from him, he says its not his and hangs up. she goes in labor and the baby is born and that is when she decides to keep the baby. • Why did you chose the book you read? because one friend recommended it to many after summer school• Did you like it? Why or why not? I thought it was interesting to know how teens feel when they get pregnant. This book makes you feel many emotions like you where the main character. It was a little repetitive but interesting.• Did you relate to the book? If so, how? If not, why not? no because i haven't gotten pregnant.• Would you recommend this book to a friend? Explain. yes so people could know how hard it is to have a baby as a teen. it makes you feel many things.
This was written in ryme which is another one of my favorite writing styles.
Don't waste your time with this one. It's a fast read but it's horrible.
poem form. fast read.
Rhyming and preachy.
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