Play Their Hearts Out: A Coach, His Star Recruit, And The Youth Basketball Machine (2010)
Play Their Hearts Out: A Coach, His Star Recruit, and the Youth Basketball Machine (2010)
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The book Play Their Hearts Out, is about a basketball coach, Coach Keller. He is a AAU(Amateur Athletic Union) basketball coach for a team in Los Angeles. The Inland Stars. He is obsessed with being perfect, winning and showing off. He felt that coaches that weren't sponsored companies are not good enough to be on the same court as him. He was very cocky. He starts his team at the older level, he recruits a kid named Tyson Chandler he was in 9th grade when he started playing. Keller's life was basketball he would drive kids to games, practice and keep them at home sometimes. He was very close to his players, but he had a wife that was pregnant. She didn't like that Keller did this and wanted him to stay home. He then left the team and Tyson started playing for a different team. The coaches from other teams started telling Tyson that Keller left and didn't like you and tried getting in his head. None of this was true, Keller loved his players. He then left the game for a while started thinking and started again. This time he starts at the younger level about 10 years old. He makes a try-out paper that says the team is sponsored by Nike and is the best team in California. He gets a child named Demetrius Walker. He is the star of the team, Keller pushes his players as if they are in college but are only 9 or 10 years old. He was very strict and the Inland Stars dominated every where they went. When they lose Keller gets very angry and pushes them harder. He and Demetrius were like Father and son. Demetrius got older and older, he is very highly recruited. Keller bragged about Demetrius everywhere he went. Demetrius didn't end up making it big like Keller was saying. They later separated. This book was very interesting to read. I would recommend it to everyone that loves to read about sports or if you love basketball. I really enjoyed reading this book because I love to play basketball and it shows how coaches want they're players to end up. A departure from my usual reading material this book exceeded expectations. As a nonfiction book you cannot really give any points for developing an interesting plot (or take any away if it is unsatisfactory), you can, however, take note of an author's mastery of his craft when it comes to conveying said plot. Dohrmann uses specific details (specific quotes, the cracked leather of a chair)to evoke emotion while maintaining objectivity. Though the book sometimes drags on through the middle school years, it is all critical to understanding the fascinating and disgusting world of grassroots basketball.
Absolutely fantastic.
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its great
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