Pleasure Games (2000)
Pleasure Games (2000)
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Juno and Heathcliff met and fell in love in college. Juno gets a chance to be an apprentice to a very well known glass blower in California while Heathcliff has to return home because of the death of his father. He wants her to go and she is afraid she will never get the chance again to follow her art of she goes with him so instead she tries to runaway and is caught by him and things end very ugly. Eight years later neither have gotten over one another or the hurt from their last day together. H rigs a bachelor show and wants Juno there because he wants a second chance with her. Juno agrees to go on the show because each contestant receives $50,000.00 for participating and she needs the money right now. So her and her best friend sign up for the show and go to Eden. When she finds out who the bachelor is she tries very hard to fight her attraction to him and saying she doesn't do second chances. But as the show goes on she finds herself jealous of the other women who are spending time with her H. She finally admits she wants him and begin to talk and work things out. The island will not be happy til they are together and what will happen to the show now that they are together? I awaited this books for months since I am a fan of the author and the series but what I really got was a disappointment. This felt more like a shameless plug in for the publishing house new Eden series than an actual game novel. I do not mind an introduction to a new series but I mind a book disguise as something else. It was not about the game or about the couple it was about the island and how to get the reader engage in the new series and I did not care for it.When it came down to the story I found it rush and lacking the fun couple engagement that the series normally have.The male part felt desperate instead of romantic and the female was aggravating. The resolution came way too fast and the other contestant completely ignore, it went from 24 to 6 in two days without any action. Hope the next book will bring the old charm back.
didnt like much. maybe beacause the author was chained to the "Eden" rules
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