Pleasure With Purpose (2011)
Pleasure with Purpose (2011)
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001233622X (ISBN13: 2940012336224)
Lisa Renee Jones
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I wouldn’t mind attacking Brad with “my lipstick too”.“…maybe sexy wasn’t about your body at all but about your mind.”This is a short story centered around a 26 year old woman’s quest for the ‘big O’, “manmade one” not self induced. And make no mistake, it is a very erotic telling of Heather’s quest.It is a quick read, very short story, but the author still is able to develop characters you can become attached to and feel emotions for by the end of the story.Brad is a gentleman, to the extreme. And Heather’s misguided thought process over fear of losing the only family she has left can be appreciated. This story is about Heather’s journey to accept her good girl side and her naughty side and have the man of her dreams accept and fulfill both of those sides of her as well.“…’to far’ was not even close to ‘far enough’.”I love Lisa Renee Jones’ Inside Out Series and her Tall Dark and Deadly series and have found this short story just as satisfying. let's talk, shall we? see, here's the deal: I read erotic romance novellas/short stories all the time. I don't count them on goodreads or anything, not because I'm ashamed of them, but they are so short it feels like cheating on my reading goal. (I'm weird, I know.) So I know a bad erotic novel when I read one. I've actually read this one in the past, but I reread it tonight and zzzzz. see, the entire short story is cliched. of COURSE Brad and Heather, Brad's little sister's best friend, have a thing for each other! of course Heather has never had a manmade orgasm! of course Heather owns a sexy lingerie store! of course Brad rocks her world!uggggggh.there are so many problems with this book. I mean... when they are standing in the lingerie store and Heather is in a bra that barely fits her boobs (uh, maybe you should go up a cup size, kthx) and then her NIPPLE falls out and she doesn't realize that? bull. shit. this short story has 12,000 words and I could barely read 6,000 of them. so bad. so, so bad.
good short story.. recommended read
Enjoyable light-erotic romance.
3.5 stars
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