Pole Star (2012)
Pole Star (2012)
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Josephine Myles
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This story was too short for us to really get attached to the characters but we definitely like them! All we really see is their first meeting (where attractions and flirting are flying) and their first hookup – all happening in a matter of hours. Though we are lead to believe they are a good match and their relationship is blossoming to something real and serious, it’s very much a HFN feel for an ending just because we don’t know what Sal sees in Matt besides his beautiful package and their affinity for The Simpsons and frog patterned clothing; and Matt doesn’t really know too much about Sal either. This is a short, light, sexy read with very likeable character. Certainly a sweet treat,,and free to boot! Okay this book was awesome beyond what I had thought it would be. I had passed it up a few times not thinking a book about a male stripper would be that good, even in the gay erotic lit, but I was so so so wrong. I give Pole Star more than five stars it needs like hundreds raining down. Josephine Myles did an excellent job and inside the book it tells how she came up with this book. Matt is a male stripper and how he comes to know and fall for Sal is because he ends up breaking his foot. He didn't think it was that bad at first, but finally ended up going to get the x-ray done. His heart sinks when he finds out that Sal is not the actual one to look at his x-ray. They have witty banter and made me laugh. Matt is British and I could hear his accent while I was reading. Sal is Mediterranean and I could just imagine what he looked like as well. They ended up at Matt's place and he finally confessed that he was not a fireman like he lead Sal to believe. My favorite part and the biggest shock happened after Matt confessed. I won't say what it is, but boy was I shocked and I don't usually get a surprise out of books I read. Sal helps Matt in more ways than one and it was actually sweet when he picked him up and carried Matt to the bed. I mean he could have let him use the crutches, but it showed that Sal cared. They had a little fun before snuggling up and going to sleep.The book is told from past tense I found and Matt is telling the story on the day that Sal is moving in. He has plans to take his Froggy boxers back and you'll have to read the book to understand why Homer Simpson, Froggy and these two guys fit so well.
A very cute quick read, thoroughly enjoyable.
a fun read lightly erotic
Cute freebie.
3.5 stars
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