Powerfood, Yoga & Meditatie (2000)
Powerfood, Yoga & Meditatie (2000)
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Let's be clear...although I only rated this book a 2, I know MANY people will be fully inspired after reading it and I can appreciate that. Tara has an easy writing style that is calming and supportive. Anyone who currently practices meditation, yoga, and healthy organic eating practices (or is looking to start dabbling in any, or all, of these things) would greatly benefit from reading this book. There are some descriptive (picture accompanied) yoga routines, meditation tips, and even a month long healthy-living plan you could follow if you chose to. She also includes quite a large number of recipes, some of which I want to try. Ultimately, this just isn't my type of 5-star book. Reading this book felt like I was actively doing yoga. I was breathing deeper and remembering to take care of myself. I have increased my yoga practice since starting this book and am looking towards healthier meals. I like the idea that practicing yoga will help your body want more natural options, it was a great book and a great resource to have in the house. I am excited about trying some of the recipes.
Great reminders. Got to buy a juicer now.
I love this book. it's so inspiring.
simple guidelines/inspiration/ideas
Resilient and compassionate
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