Pradawna Stolica (2013)
Pradawna Stolica (2013)
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Honestly, my biggest reaction to the end of the series is disappointment. It is a good ending considering but I would have loved the series better if I hadn't read the Ryria Chronicles. Gwen's death would be less heartwrenching because objectively speaking, she only played a minor role in the series. However, seeing how Royce and Gwen started, I was gutted by her end. I felt for Royce when she died. While her death was really tragic, I think the most tragic thing about it is how needless it was. Whether she lived or died did not matter in the end. It didn't affect the end result. Royce could have lived his life with her. They could have had a happy family. Instead, a part of his heart will be dead because of nothing. Arcadius wanted control over the heir but ultimately, it didn't make a difference. It only served to take away a chance for true love and it was really tragic because it didn't need to happen. Her death wasn't necessary. I kind of resent the fact that for all her future sight, she couldn't save herself for her sake or Royce's. That was my biggest issue with this book. I think my favourite part of the book was the adventure into discovering the city of Percepliquis. I liked the voyage aspect when they ventured into the unknown. The fact that their travelling party were composed of strange people with their own agendas really added to it. The only one who I couldn't stand was Alric. I thought he wisened and matured. However, he was still that jealous kid. I thought his ego deflated by being almost killed by soldiers, nope, he still needs to assert his title every chance he gets. Story Brief:Royce and Hadrian and gang travel to Percepliquis to get the horn. They need it for some reason that they don't know about. They travel there and meets lots of obstacles. They get attacked and also, they don't know where to go. They are relying on Hall's travel journals, which Myron quotes from. When they finally get to the tomb, it is being guarded by a gilarabrywn. They send Deegan who is frightened out of his mind. Little did he know that he was a red herring set up by Esra. The true heir was Royce, who was brought together with Hadrian. They weren't told of the reason but they were brought together nonetheless. Royce talked to the beast and tamed it. They retrieved the horn, which was a ceremonial artifact used to issue a three thousand year challenge. The winner of the fight would lead the world. The patriarch wanted it and hired Magnus to kill Deegan, believing that he was the heir. Magnus changed his mind after being shown kindness. Royce gave the dagger to him and Arista brought him back to life. They formulated a plan but it fell through once it was revealed that the patriarch is a powerful eavesdropper. The fight commences and when it is revealed that Deegan has a magical amulet, the patriarch calls for a champion. Deegan calls for a champion too once he sees his opponent. Hadrian steps in but he couldn't hurt the other warrior. When Hadrian was about to die, Royce steps in to kill the patriarch. When he fails because of the protection, the patriarch similarly attacks him. However, he Royce too is protected. It is then revealed that Royce is the true heir of Novron. The warrior is ordered to attack Royce, the real competitor. Arista told Royce to buy some time for her to heal Hadrian. Royce does but he gets cut badly. Hadrian is once again champion and defeats the other warrior. Arista tries to heal Royce but he doesn't want to live. Hadrian remembers what Gwen said to him in the past and says just the right thing to bring Royce back. He shows him Mercy, his daughter, and Royce acccepts the healing. They go back to Hadrian's old village and overthrows the corrupt imperial magistrate. Mauvin inherits Melengar, Deegan gets Archie's territory, dwarves and elves are granted citizenship, people are distributed throughout the cities, Nimbus leaves and earns a feather, Modina adopts the elf girl, Hadrian moonlights as a blacksmith, Arista bakes, Hadrian and Arista marries, and Royce makes Mercy a fairy princess. I think Royce and Hadrian's friendship is really sweet and the fact that their partnership had been a really long family tradition is cute. With that said, I still want an alternate ending where Gwen lived. 4,4 stars. A very good ending to an enjoyable series. The series is an excellent introduction into the fantasy genre as it contains everything you should look for in a fantasy setting. Mysterious heroes with dark pasts, different races with different objectives, kings, queens, bishops, magic, war, fighting, dungeon crawls, magical beasts, good characters, evil characters, redemption, love, friendship, hope, despair, etc.
A killer ending to a greatest series. Thankfully there are a couple of prequels to now read.
Great ending to a great series. None of the books jumped the shark or were a let down.
Ulala, ulala.. Kr hudo mi je, da je ze konec... Odlicen zakljucek..
loved it.
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