Prama (2008)
Prama (2008)
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1416961003 (ISBN13: 9781416961000)
Simon Pulse
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(Mr. Canfield)I thought the book "Prama" was very realistic. This book was about teenage girl drama the week before prom. All the drama involves boys, mean girls, and the crowning of the prom queen. Molly is the main character, she is involved with the prom committee, which leads her boyfriend to break up with her. She gets very stressed and her friend, Alison, takes finding Molly's dateless problem on her own shoulders. Later, when they get to the dance Alison realized she doesn't like her date, but she likes one of her best-boy-friends. She finally gets the couraget to tell him, when he was getting ready to leave for the night with his date. Molly was happy for Alison, but was too stressed to notice with all the little drama. At the very end Alison gets her dream man just before they go off to college. The book Prama by Jaime Ponti is book with a series of teenage drana. This book talks about what teens go through when their senior prom is right around the corner. Prama gives us readers the oppurtunities to get to know the characters well. The readers are able to see, feel, and know what the character wants because the book is written from first person point of view. Prama follows the steps of many characters and one of them would be Molly. Molly is upset because her relationship with her boyfriend wasnt a success. The problem is who she would have go to prom with. Molly is involved in her school she doesn't have time to look for a new date, but it seems like her aunt has saved her the job. Is her aunt choice what Molly really pictures it would be or will it be another trouble for Molly. Another Character we were able to follow was the popular drama queen Victoria. Victoria like any other popular person has an objective and that is to win the role of Prom Queen. the only thing that interfere with her crowning is that there is an exchange student and many other girls with good qualities.
I read this book in one night! I acctually satayed up till 4 in the morning.
Light, fun, entertaining YA novel. My favorite from the gift pack so far.
WOW!!!!! This is a really good book~you all should read it=)
I feel like this should be a movie.
haven't read yet...
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