Prejudice Meets Pride (2014)
Prejudice Meets Pride (2014)
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I totally loved "Prejudice Meets Pride" by Rachael Anderson. It was fantastic! I read this story in one day. I am a total sucker for anything that could be related to "Pride and Prejudice". I love the spin Rachael Anderson put on this classic tale. The way Emma and Kevin worked together was fantastic! It was fun to see Emma with two children and not to be a sister in a big group of girls. She had real responsibilities. She is a great role model for young girls. Since this novel is clean, it would be great for younger girls to read. I received the book for free to a honest review. This book is well-written. It will have you laughing throughout it as Kevin keeps getting himself in trouble with Emma. Kevin thinks he is being a good neighbor by helping out Emma who has agreed to move to Colorado with her brothers two daughters. Emma hates for someone to pity her and think she can't make it on her own so she is always butting heads with Kevin who is a well to do dentist. You will find yourself connecting with the characters in this book.
fun read, great chemistry! Great characters. I really enjoyed this story.
Enjoyable, clean romance with fun, believable characters.
Charming love story! Not perfect, but still a good read.
Very cute, clean fluff.
Cute read.
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