Present Perfect (2013)
Present Perfect (2013)
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Alison G. Bailey
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BRB going to drink a gallon of water and 2 shots of tequila to replace the tears I've shed!Ok so this book was really wonderful however it made me cry more than any book I've ever read!!!!!!!I really don't like crying so I wish I took the warnings in reviews I read seriously. I feel emotionally drained/exhausted. This book has a beautiful message, I give it 5 stars for the emotional journey [even though I wasn't ready for ALL THAT!]It's inspiring and I loved the changes Amanda went through, I felt that it was realistic and I enjoyed being inside her head. This is one of those painfully beautiful books. I cried most of the time while reading this. Big fat tears, runny nose, you name it. This book just shows that shitty things happen in life and that there will always be ONE person--- that one constant person in your life that'll be there no matter what. That person who will be there even when the shitty things get to you and bring your spirit down. That one person who would go through all of it with you....UNTIL THE END. I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!!!
When cancer came in between .. I thought... INSHA NOT SPOILING ;)
Great book, tear jerker at times... Loved it
Best book I've read in a long long time!
absolutely amazing.
3.5 stars
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