Pretend (2000)
Pretend (2000)
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I was so excited when this came out then kept it in my TBR for a long time.... I dunno why, cuz as soon as I started reading it, I couldn't put it down...I wasn't sure how I was going to like this one really... in my mind I saw Gavin as "the ex" and as it goes, exes usually start trouble and are full of drama.... that wasn't the case with Gavin at all... He was just back in Blackcreek trying to make a fresh start for himself... trying to figure out who he wanted to be and how he was gonna go about gettin to be that person....He meets Mason at the bar he stumbles into then realizes at Wes and Bradens wedding they have friends in common and Mase offers him a job... of course being friends with and spending a lot of time with a person you're attracted to.... of course they fell in love...Mason has the responsibility of his family's business stressing him out and Gavin has his parents declining health and not wanting to accept him for who he is so they've both got major things to work out...deciding to take a break was heartbreaking but I feel like they both needed it to figure out where they wanted to go... but of course, they found their way back together and it was amazing and so sweet and I loved every second of it... I'm definitely kickin myself now for waiting so long to read this one.It was another 5 stars for me!! I'm a big fan of Riley Hart's books. Collide remains my favorite of the Blackcreek series, and I've recommended it to several friends. I had really high hopes for Pretend, but I just didn't connect with the characters like I did in the previous installments. Although Mason and Gavin had different backgrounds, their voices weren't distinct enough for me which made it hard to invest in the characters. The sex was good but it wasn't enough to win me over.Even though this book didn't quite work for me, I'll continue to buy Riley's books in the future. I'm looking forward to her new series and hope to see that magic again.
Awesome, but I have to ask. Are we going to hear about Isaac
Love Riley Hart's storytelling !
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