Prokletí (2012)
Prokletí (2012)
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Romanian review:Ei bine acesta este ultimul volum pe care l-am citit din aceasta serie si pot sa spun ca nu am fost deloc atat de impresionata pe cat au fost prietenii mei. Mie mi s-a parut plictisitor cu extrem de multe ite incurcate, la fel ca in serial.Stefan acum tine dieta cu iepurasi, iar Damon umbla hai hui prin lume ucigand in stanga si in dreapta. Insa pana la un momentdat cand cei doi frati se intalnesc in casa unui conte (cred) iar Damon il obliga pe Stefan sa se casatoreasca cu mezina familiei, in timp ce el insusi se va casatori cu sora acesteia. Si desigur ca totul se sfarseste cu un macel si aparitia primei vrajitoare din carte dupa Emilly si aparitia lui Klaus. Nimic interesant!Parerea mea pentru care aceasta serie a avut succes se datoreaza serialului deoarece este povestea dinaintea povestii, pentru ca ea nu are nimic propriu zis interesant. Se vede ca este scrisa pentru a-i multumi pe fani si pentru a creste rating-ul serialului in timp ce il aduce pe Damon in lumina de vampir persecutat.*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~English review:Well this was the last book that I read from tis series and I cand say that I wasn't impressed at all. Or at least not impressed as were my friends. I found it very boring with extremely many twisted harnesses, just like the serial.Stefan is at the rabbit diet and Damon is somewhere in the middle of nowhere killing everything in his way. But at a moment the two brothers meet in a count house and Damon makes Stefan marry with the youngest daughter of the family while he will marry with her sister. And aof course that the end is a bloodshed and the apparition of the first witch after Emilly and Klaus's. Nothing interesting!My opinion is that this series had so much success because of the serial because it is the story before it's action and this series hasn't nothing interesting. I believe that all these books were written just for make the fans content and for rise the serial's rating while is putting Damon in the light of the persecuted vampire. Alright you’re probably wondering why bother with these books, but I find the Vampire diaries to be a pretty good pastime-all of the Vampire Diaries books, and Hell knows there’s a Bloody load of them-but even though it is getting trying at least I’m not the one who has to wright them so I can’t get blame for being insipid. But a part of me-my curious and overly intrigued part-can’t help but read them to find out what's going happen next and my-sensible side-has grown very, very weary. But last time I checked there’s only three more on the way-and I hope it stays that way. No disrespect to Lisa, because she used to do a great Job, but neither the ghost writer nor the TV show has much to do with her originality and I can’t help it if my judgement has gone strict because of it.
it was good but it didnt happen as much in this one as it did in the other two
I didn't like the book at all. It just didn't really seem to appeal to me.
I didn't really like the way Klaus's character was introduced.
I LOVED IT. A must read!!
may 1st
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