Prometo Amar-te (2012)
Prometo Amar-te (2012)
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Quinta Essência
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This book was a perfect travelling companion. I read a bit on the plane each way and then a bit every night to wind down before bedtime. Was it one of the best books I have ever read? No. Was it one of the most thought provoking? No. Was it a delightfully light novel to accompany me on a holiday several weeks before Christmas, where I did a bit of gift shopping on the trip? Definitely Yes. It was decadent escapism well suited to my holiday. Beautiful title and I actually fell in love with the cover, nothing to special, but I caught my eyes and the story sounded really interesting.Melissa Hill is a brilliant writer and after having read The Guest List I couldn’t wait to read another book of her.I have to say the story started off a little slow. I enjoyed reading about New York and little Daisy. Such a cute, lively and adorable little girl. Melissa found a great way to include her in the star, definitely my secret little star.It didn’t really seem realistic to me that both men lied about the inside of their Tiffany’s box. I didn’t get warm with Gary at all. The same thing with Vanessa. Her behaviour seemed weird and sensed something was going on.The story suddenly became more alive and sparkling when Ethan went to Dublin to get his ring back and I suspected that there were a lot of drama and misunderstandings to follow. When Ethan entered Rachel’s bistro Stromboli and saw Terri what her beautiful green eyes and red hair I felt like they instantly connected. The story however developed on a total different way which brought me back to thinking Rachel and Ethan were e great match.The lying and not telling the truth with cover stories annoyed me and I just waited for the bomb to drop.I thought it was great how Terri helped Ethan and they had a blind understanding. My hope for them to get together returned again and I couldn’t wait to finish the book I was so curious.I went to bed with the book and wanted to read a few pages. I ended up reading the whole book.The showdown was full of drama and lots of interesting reveals. Lovely ending, but I still wanted to know a little bit more in the end.Rating: 3.5
Se devo essere sincera, nella mia vita ho letto romanzi d'amore molto migliori di questo...
Amazing book.I love how Ethan end up with Terri.So creative.
Surprisingly good.
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