Promise To Marry (2000)
Promise to Marry (2000)
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This book, it's sad to say, is so horrible! The story is all jumbled together, the characters are so overdeveloped that you lose the sense of them ever finding a happy ending and the plot is SO sad that by the end all you feel is hopelessness. By the end I didn't want them together... Neither character is perfect, and that's fine, no one is, but they are so messed up that what they really need is a psychologist and normal people who will balance out their crazy. Just horrible, horrible plot. Don't spend your money... It's killing me to give this book a bad review but I think I would be doing the author a disservice if I didn't leave her an honest review. I have been waiting for this book for a very long time, it had so many delays that I wasn't going to order. I should have waited for the reviews because honestly I don't think I would have ordered it knowing what I know how. I have to say that the book is extremely short, it should be considered a novella instead of a book. For the price I was disappointed at how fast I was able to finish it. I read it in under an hour, then half the book was from the point of view of a young child.Let's start off with Chloe, at first I felt for her. I knew what it was like to have a parent that was addicted to drugs. You have a lot of different feelings you can't explain. This quickly changed because I just could not stand the adult Chloe. She was SELFISH with the things she did I don't understand how she thinks Jackson should forgive her. I would hate her also! She was supposed to be his best friend, what she did was beyond anything I could have ever seen coming. Chloe has a loving Aunt and Uncle who would give her the world. Did she really have to turn to being an escort? That part threw me off so quickly, I didn't see it coming and thought it was an unnecessary fill-in. I won't give away what happen but how do you not know who you're sleeping with? Really are you that stupid?She continued to make awful decisions, sleeping with strangers in the bathroom. Getting drunk so she can forget about Jackson not liking her. Instead of acting like a 30 year old woman she was acting like a fresh face 18 year old college student.Jackson! I loved him and really hope he doesn't give Chloe a second chance. I am happy with the way he treats her, she deserves it. This boy has been there for Chloe since she was a child, he loved her no matter what. Chloe grabbed his heart and smashed it like she could care less if it hurt him or not.Now Jessica Wood usually writes great stuff but this wasn't doing anything for me but making me sick. She made Chloe enemy number one for me, I have rarely read a book where I truly hate the main character. This book could have had potential but I think Jessica was rushing or something, the plot was not thought out enough. With all the canceled due dates I would have though the book was longer and was made of more substance. The price is for a book not a novella and this to me should be considered a novella.**DID ANYONE ELSE FEEL THAT JEFF AND CARLY DID NOT NEED TO BE MENTION? I THINK IT WAS A WASTE OF SPACE THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN USED TO GIVE A BETTER STORY!!**
Wow! What a way to end this I HAVE to pickup the 2nd in the series.
Very short book but really enjoyed it can't wait to read more
Not my kind of story and i hated it.
Loved it!!!
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