Promises In Death (2009)
Promises in Death (2009)
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0399155481 (ISBN13: 9780399155482)
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I have to say I really loved this book on the In death series. I liked that it explored more of the dynamic between Roarke and Eve, and a difficult part of it as it is the fear it must be for him to loose her, her being in such a high risk job. It felt a bit like the first books because it went back to Roarke and Eve, their relationship and I wanted that so much, more scenes with them as center. But at the same time it was a new chapter, it was a more mature relationship and more settled in a way. Meeting also new characters as "Callendar" was a great thing, because for sure it has to add to the stories and bring new challenges to the precint and Eve's job. Oh and the new car, that was a super plus great moment to read. All in all, one of my favourites from the series. Feel like it had been a while since I picked up an Eve Dallas adventure. I couldn’t figure out the whodunit, though when the killer was revealed, I can’t say I was surprised. The side story was the bachelor/bachelorette parties of Dr. Louise Dimatto and Charles Monroe. Eve’s awkwardness around social gatherings never fails to astound me. I always get a kick out of Trina. Especially Eve’s fear of the woman and her potions. I think my one complaint is the whole baby Belle thing. I get it, she’s cute and all that but it gets on my nerves. I could do more without those scenes.
great book. she makes you feel like you are apart of the story. a book that is hard to put down
Huge twist! Love every page of this book. Awesome! cant wait for the next one!
At this point, there's really no need to review anymore. They're all good.
MY mother gives me all of her books when she is finished and this was one
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