Promposal (2000)
Promposal (2000)
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1481422324 (ISBN13: 9781481422321)
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It's a cute story but it's also got some interesting moments where it takes a look at society, social boundaries, and what it can mean to step outside of those things - in good ways and bad. It never digs too deep into sociological questions, but it certainly does enough to add an interesting layer to the novel beyond the cute love stories. Probably my favorite part about this book was the friendship between the two main characters. This is as much about their love for each other as it is about their struggles with romantic love and it's wonderful. Ok, the title was seemed shallow. but don't judge it by its title. buku ini diceritakan dr 2 pov brgantian. joshua & camilla. nooo mereka tdk akan dijodohkan pngarangnya d akhir cerita. dua rmaja ini mnghdpi problem msg2 trkait prom.awal sampai akhir baca, aq puas dg cuteness ceritanya. tp aq agak trganggu dg 2 pov, cowok & cewek, yg sering bikin aq rancu. feelings yg aq dpt dr 2 pov ini sama: spt sdg bc pov cewek.bisa dianggap sbg 'cacat' novel ini, tp bs jg dianggap sbg kelebihan (jika mmg disengaja), krn stlh bc smp akhir, 'rasa' cewek ini jd masuk akal dg situasi yg dihdpi di joshua. *berusaha gak nyepoil*overall, aq puas.
Super sweet, delicious and fluffy. Definitely recommended if you want some good high school romance.
ok story. juvenile writing. not the worst I've read but there are far more better books out there.
3.3 starsThis started out good, but then it kinda went downhill for me...
Fun idea, but I'm not interested in reading about gay boys.
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