Propositioning Mr. Raine (2010)
Propositioning Mr. Raine (2010)
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1419928716 (ISBN13: 9781419928710)
Ellora's Cave Publishing
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Rated 4.0 StarsThis is definitely a Smut book. The publisher, Ellora's Cave, says it all.I absolutely love books about Native Americans in any form I can get them. Some of the Historical Romances about them are tragic and heartbreaking though. I'd rather read a contemporary romance.Aside from the erotica, I enjoyed the story that went with it. It has a sweet HEA and there is a book 02 about his brother. I do believe I'll check it out. Actually 2,5 stars. I figured this would be very very very corny and in some ways (well, most ways actually) it was. From about the very first page the main characters don't wait around to get into action and in the first chapter they were getting hot and heavy and somehow I didn't see that coming. Then again, neither did Trine, lol. Navarro is pretty much the perfect guy, Trina is insecure but stands up for herself when she needs to and everybody is hot for each other when they need to be.This was just, as another reviewer wrote, "a big ole smut fest" and I enjoyed every second of it and I liked the characters, which usually is an issue with books like these. It's like fastfood: you know it's no good for you and there's so much better out there. But sometimes a book like this is just delicious.
Had this one a long time now and finally read it. Very sexy read!
I have listened to this more times than I should admit...
Great read!! Loved it :)
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