Quinn Checks In (2013)
Quinn Checks In (2013)
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J.I. Loome
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Former boxer and former art forger Liam Quinn worked as a freelance insurance investigator after getting out of prison for fronting an art gallery specializing in moving forgeries. His current job was finding a Vermeer with a $100,000 policy. The fact that the thief ignored several smaller valuable paintings made him think something wasn’t quite right about the theft. During his investigation, he discovered that another painting had been disturbed, which disturbed him. The story moved quickly and wasn’t especially violent. The Philadelphia characters come from many social levels and the dialogue was natural. One of my favorite lines is “His skin was as smooth as a laconic clarinet solo.” This book was an Amazon freebie. Liam Quinn can be rather profane, as forewarned, and if that bothers you, you might wish to look elsewhere for your next read. Liam is from the proverbial "Fishtown" (Philly) Irish family where his scrappy brothers have either followed in their father's police footsteps or become a priest. He loves art--to the point of becoming an expert at forgery which results in a 3 year prison term. On the other side of the spectrum, he had became a boxer of some promise and used the ability to survive both in and out of the slammer. He manages to wangle a job as an insurance investigator, and ergo his specialized talents come in handy. Investigating an unusual gallery robbery has him touching bases with some unsavory characters and either duking it out with bad guys or waxing poetic over the brush strokes of a classical Dutch artist. The contrast creates a dichotomy and preserves the interest. I received the book as a free download and recommended to read by my hubby, almost didn't because of the language and edit problems. But the character and his world kept turning pages.
A fun mystery, and an enjoyable read! would read more by this author. Well edited, too.
Did not care for this book. I honestly did not think it was written very well.
fact check. convenience stores in Pennsylvania do not sell beer
Great story line but far too much foul language and typos
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