Quis Custodiet (2009)
Quis Custodiet (2009)
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..."What the fuck is real-time spline reticulation?" Don't worry Toreth, Warrick isn't laughing at you, he is laughing, er...with you...Quis Custodiet (don't worry, I had to google it too...) is the 5th novella in The Administration series. Though it is not the fifth story I have read in the series, it follows along nicely with Manna's suggested reading order.This was probably one of my favorite stories so far in the series. While I was terrified of a Carnac reprieve; his part was quite limited in the story. Most thankfully, we didn't even have to hear the man speak. Manna introduces a misfit cast of new characters in this book, and the story line is good...really good.Simply, Toreth goes off to Greece to investigate the Athens I&I team. Seems like the grass is greener in Athens and there are less resisters to the Administration. Our boy Toreth and a couple members of his team try to unearth said mystery...The only really negative thing I can say about this one is that it got tied together way to neatly at the end. I wanted more drama.Former slut Toreth decides to be celibate while in Greece...until Warrick comes and visits for the weekend. W gives T a handmade sim video creation featuring Warrick doing, well...I am not sure really and I read it more than once. It was "artsy" and pretty hot.So, what else?...a surprising admission from Toreth,a roof top gun fight, important people die, somehow T walks away unscathed, the team heads home to New London, and Toreth has to apologize to Warrick for yet another BIG FUCKING screw up.(Warrick you damn pansy!!))The only way this story could have been better is if Manna wrote in a random, disjointed appearance by some kitchy, Queen named Paul. Oh. To be honest, this story deserves more than five stars. I won't start on how much I love Toreth and Warrick and about the quality of the writing. BUT. Yes, there is a but. I'm so mad at Warrick right now. For hell's sake. The man had you followed. That's how much he trusts you. He embarrassed you in front of your colleagues and friends and endangered the future of your beloved company. He also keeps fucking around (note: someone please shoot that syrupy guy, Paul, for me. I would be eternally grateful) and lies to you all the time and he genuinely believes he's justified and allowed to do it and he would leave you in a heartbeat if you asked him to stop. He would also kill you first than see you with anyone else but you don't know that so ok, maybe you haven't realized the full extent of his pathological jealousy and possessiveness. But the point is, how much more of Toreth's shit are you willing to take Warrick? How much more, damn it?
Book 5 of 7 of the Administration series
No time to review - MUST carry on!
Warrick is so forgiving.
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