Raine On Me (2011)
Raine on Me (2011)
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Ellora's Cave Publishing
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Sweet baby Jesus, River takes the cake for great first impressions, "hello, baby. How the hell did I black you out? Since I can't remember, let's start over. You can refresh my memory after I'm done effing you." He's a bossy man and wants his own way, "no. I don't want to let you go. I want to strip you down and eff you. That would be the best physical therapy you could give me." He's hygienic, "I'm really happy to see you." Her gaze jerked away from the impressive hard-on. His thick co** had been circumcised and at the moment he seemed to be very turned on. The guy shaved his lower area. She couldn't miss that since his legs were enough to reveal everything to her. The had ball all right - shaved, heavy ones." He's protective, "you're definitely not leaving, baby. I'd never hit you. I might be an a** about some s*** but know that, okay? I'd never hurt you." I mean VERY protective, "that effing bas**** is dead," River snarled." The more books I read by Laurann the more I love her writing. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. I rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars.Reviewed for TwoLips Reviews LLC4 1/2 kisses, 2 peppers--M/F oral & anal sex, light bondage, use of toys.Brit just wants to get her life back after a disastrous marriage, what she didn't count on was her ex husband, Kyle Marthum, and his father never letting her go. Brit can't keep a job or an apartment until Dale hires her as a physical therapist for his business. The cowboys she usually treats are old and crotchety, but not the new one Dale sends her to check on. He's young, tan and has the best body she's ever seen.When River is awakened from his whiskey induced sleep by a woman in his bedroom, he thinks she's very beautiful, and he's ready to give her a tumble in his bed. Try as he might, the stubborn woman keeps turning down his proposals of sex, and being turned down is something River isn't used to. The last thing Brit needs is an involvement with a client, even though that client is sexy as hell. She doesn't even want a relationship with anyone. River is determined to get to know Brit no matter how hard she resists. He is, after all a cowboy and knows how to use a rope or two. This book is a great roller coaster ride with great characters, lots of emotions, fantastic hot sex, and a surprise turn here and there. Raine on Me by Laurann Dohner grabbed me on the first page and really hasn't let go even though I've finished the book. River is a rodeo cowboy who lives his life hard and fast. He's very confident, a little complex, and knows his way around a woman. I liked how when Brit came into his life, they had an instant connection between them.Brit has been through hell with her ex husband and his father. Kyle and Kevin are very inventive when it comes to hurting people to get what they want. And the Marthum men want Brit to pay. These guys are so bad, that I was so hoping that they would be caught, thrown in jail and the key tossed in the trash. I admire Brit's ability to endure her ex husband’s wrath and her courage to do what she had to. I don't think Brit saw herself as a strong woman, but she was.Ms. Dohner has done a fabulous job of world building, with colorful, larger than life characters, that seem so real in this book two of Riding the Raines series. You can bet that I will read book one, and then the rest of this series as it comes out. If you like your cowboys’ hunky, hot and hard, then Raine on Me is the book for you.
You have to love them cowboys!!!another amazing book by Laurann!
Wasn't as developed as the first book. Still good read.
really good
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