Rally 'Round Green (2011)
Rally 'Round Green (2011)
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1426713193 (ISBN13: 9781426713194)
Abingdon Press
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I liked this but I didnt think it was as good as the first 3. It seemed a bit slower and jumped around a little bit. The state threatens to close the school so the town rallies to keep it open. I thought the book ended a bit abruptly and didnt let you know what happened with a few new characters. Still fun to read. Also ends with a cliff hanger so I am looking forward to the next one that i due in 2012. I liked it. I like the small town. I like the people in it. My problem with this one was that the issue appeared to go away on its own. The town is facing a crisis; the state wants to close the public school because it's too expensive to operate for the low enrollment and graduations rates. So the paper gets behind the cause (Lois is in a funk, so had been scooped by Shreveport), and is able to dig up enough dirt on the people in charge of the closing that it saves the day. Or was it the fact that several citizens walked to Baton Rouge to make their point. We aren't sure. The pacing of the book was nice and slow; letting the reader enjoy the rhythm and then wham – there's the end with no explanation. How did Green save their school?Oh, and Molly still working three jobs, plus taking care of siblings and helping with boyfriend who was injured on basketball court. Lois warms to Dub. Lee Roy shows back up in town after being incarcerated in book one. Iris Jo and Stan pregnant towards end of novel. Tammy happy with lawyer hubby, but feeling less than worthy because she never graduated high school. Oh, and newspaper starts and GED help program. Lois and Chris still trying to get through fixing up their house.
Nice book, I like this series. The characters are nice and the story is entertaining.
Cried again. Very good reads about small town life.
the 4th book in the series - another joyful read
Another great story in this series.
love this!
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