Rangers Apprentice, Book Five: The Sorcerer Of The North (Vol 1 Of 2) (2010)
Rangers Apprentice, Book Five: The Sorcerer of the North (Vol 1 of 2) (2010)
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8983782110 (ISBN13: 9788983782113)
Seoul Gyoyuk
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How can Will save a diplomat while trying to find a sorcerer? The Sorcerer of the North is about Will trying to find a Sorcerer while trying to keep a diplomat safe. When will first get the fief of Macindaw he discovers that a castle lord suddenly died without explanation. Will has to get to the bottom of this plot without actually getting caught by people that took the castle. Will later learns that his best friend got caught and now he also has to save her. Will goes on an exciting adventure and he has amazing times on that adventure. A new story line begins in Book 5 of the Ranger's Apprentice Series, with Will taking the spotlight and new characters joining the story. What's fun about this particular installment is discovering who Will will trust as he becomes a spy to discover the truth about a Sorcerer who's plaguing the land of Macindaw. Book 5 is just as enjoyable as the previous books and takes it's time introducing new characters and setting up new plots.
ALYSS IS BACK!I wish Evanlyn was in it more though, but I thoroughly enjoyed this.
A great and well written addition however I don't like the time jump as much.
A good book
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