Rebecca's Lost Journals, Volume 4: My Master (2013)
Rebecca's Lost Journals, Volume 4: My Master (2013)
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Rebecca Mason is in love with "him". She has been for a while and she thought if she gave him more of herself to him he would do the same in return. But the more she gave the less she received. He was always in control and so she couldn't do it anymore. Ending it with him was painful to consider, but she no longer wanted to be his sub and since that's all he would ever want her for, it would have to end. As her nightmares continue, she fears something terrible is going to pass. The most emotional os Rebecca's journals with her thoughts on her Master, her job and her life. Great addition to the Inside Out Trilogy. Lisa Renee Jones has a suggested reading order including all the journals and I read them that way. As she says, it is not necessary to read the journals to read the books but I will say that they definitely enhance the story. It is interesting to read into Rebecca's deepest thoughts and desires about "him". It brings additional light to certain characters.
Sad conclusion.I loved the chaos, the decrepitude.
I so missed something!
read this ASASP!
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