Red Dirt Heart 2 (2000)
Red Dirt Heart 2 (2000)
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At first, I didn't really like the story, especially Charlie... He sounds so stubborn and confused to me.. but as i continue to the next book, I realized why I didn't like it at first. Me and Charlie is so much alike... Same hiding of feelings, trust issues... We're scared of rejection and people leaving us... And now I liked it...He inspired me to do things for the better :) I just need my other half to do this :) 3.5 stars... And it was a fight.My heart wanted to give this 4 stars. My head stomped it's proverbial foot and stood firm on 3.So we all compromised. And 3 and a half stars was the final decision.Let me start by saying I will read more by NR Walker, including RDH3. I enjoy the story, I love poor overthinking, in the closet, unromantic-romantic Charlie and big hearted, jump in with both feet, open book life Travis.What I don't like is poor editing and over used cliche writing techniques. And it pains me to even say this about a book that I really did enjoy. I'm part of a pre-reading team, I work with a published author to ensure her writing is the best it can be. So maybe that makes me pickier than some? Perhaps it means I'm not going to blow smoke up the hole of a great author just to schmooze them, or see their ratings jump - because they won't get better or change with that type of feedback. I do know it means that I understand it takes many hands in the pot, eyes scrutinizing, strong backbones, thick skins, and a whole lot of hard work and dedication to put out a book.All of that gibberish said... I believe NR Walker has some people that need to do their jobs better.There were typos, simple fixes that were very easily noticeable. There were small things like Charlie in shorts but then running out to ride Shelby and I had to insert my own sentence that explained that he and Travis stopped off in the bedroom first to throw on clothes. Steps between steps missing, if you will.And then the overused hyphen to stress a sigh, an eye roll , an exasperated hand wave, instead of just saying what was happening. At first the whole "looked at me with that I'm-gonna-kick-your-ass-if-you-don't-shut-it" style of writing was funny. I enjoyed the snarky way Charlie describes these things. But then we got them over and over.... Sometimes in the same paragraph or even in the same sentence! And I found myself skipping sentences and paragraphs while rolling my eyes in that good-Lord-why-didn't-anyone-tell-her-this-was-too-much kind of way. And now I hate hyphens just a bit more. Which is totally unfair to the hyphen.Okay, so, this isn't a review on the story itself because, honestly, I'm not going to regurgitate plot points and story lines that others have mentioned. I'm going to say this would have been a more fluidly enjoyable read had I not wanted to poke my eye out at the hyphen overuse or throw my kindle at simple editing errors that should have been corrected before this ever hit the shelves. NR Walker, I adore you. Truly. But please, get your people to be honest and tear apart your work. Or kick them to the curb.
Loved to see the relationship evolve. Love Charlie and Travis!!
Oh this series just keeps getting better and better!
4.5 stars
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