Red Dirt Heart 3 (2000)
Red Dirt Heart 3 (2000)
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I am in awe of this story. It was the most beautiful romance story I have ever ever read. I was hooked and couldn't put the book down already by paged 10 simply because of the brilliant way this book is written. That's my most favourite writing style. It flows nicely, perfectly paced, using only the necessary amount of narration to set up the framework but the happing is fully lived by the characters through their interactions and the very well crafted dialogues. The story flows perfectly along all four books and because this author truly masters the fine art of storytelling, no cliffhangers are needed to keep you there and hungry for the next book. The story is so incredibly well written than you feel as if you were with them right there in the middle of Sutton Station. I fell in love with this too men. Book 3 isn't just "a past through" book. No, here you see how they both continue growing as individuals and as a couple. The show other facettes of their personality. Charlie and Nugget! It's so endearing. There was this part were I felt heartbroken and bleeding for Charlie. Travis was so balanced and so confident and so over the top wonderful, he supported Charlie every step of the way and encouraged him and yes pushed him to be every day a better man. And Charlie in his self proclaimed inability to express his feeling shows his love for Trav in the most beautiful ways. I loved every single moment of this story. I am not a cryer but boy! there were so many moments where I cried of sadness because I was so invested in them that I felt their pain and cried with them as well as cried with them from sheer happiness for these two men. One of the things I liked the most of this story is all about their relationship, how the develop and grow together. There is no stupid drama and no childish behavior but very real situations and very true to self men who loved each other and tried with all their might to build up a live together. I loved the fact that this is no fast-track story. The story stretch over several year and thus you have never the feeling of them being a short lived love story and there is no room for doubts that they will make it in the long run. Trav is so perfect for Charlie and Trav is "it" for Charlie. If I ever had in mind the imagine of the perfectly matching puzzle pieces, then I have to say that these two men are it. NR Walker I love you. Thank you so much for giving me so many wonderful moments with this story ❤️ I just did a marathon read of books 1-3 in order to read and review book 4 for a review blog. So this is sort of a review for the series up to the end of this book. I love it!! I have read N.R. Walker's books before, but mostly they have been set in the states or the UK. This is the first taste of her home country Australia. I love learning about it even though it's still tidbits of information. Travis and Charlie are such an amazing pairing. I love the secondary characters at the farm. They make Sutton Station a home for the two mc's. In this book the two mc's are separated for a short time, and though, like Charlie, I knew that Travis had to go back to Texas and understood, my heart was broken. I definitely teared up watching him try to handle the day to day without the man that made his life bearable. Though they both came through it okay, I ask that the two never get separated again. It nearly killed me as if it was happening to me. And that's the beauty that the author made me feel the characters emotions so strongly. Great series do far.
Loved,loved loved this book!! Looking forward to Travis POV.
Great series, on to the last book now.
The best series ever ♥
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