Red Dirt Heart 4 (2000)
Red Dirt Heart 4 (2000)
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Damn. My heart hurts on such beautiful... I'm out of words here, sorry.I couldn't even start the epilogue yet, because the cover got me all teary and heavy breathing. I'll read it later, but I can bring my review right now.This book is almost not a part of the real story. Book 3 had the "The End" part, and it was good enough the way it ended. Book 4 was a made-for-the-fans book. Is a book about the happily ever after. And through Travis' eyes!I'm gonna be honest and say that the book was a bit slow for the first half. It was just a lot of chapters of how perfect Charlie is, and a bit of his insecurities and struggles... It was a bit too much, IMO. We had seen a bunch of it through the series already, so it was a bit tiring...Then they went to Texas. AND OH MY GOD THAT WAS NICE. Travis and his family was such a big need for the series and reading through it, seeing how important this was for his relationship with Charlie and all was really really good. This got the fifth star from me, for sure.And the wedding - both weddings, in fact - were the most beautiful thing in the whole series. Perfection, pure and simple.My heart became of red dirt too. And I'm really happy for it. Loved it. My favourite M/M series. Have to admit I was glad the tissue box was handy. Don't you love it when an author manages to make the characters real. There you are sitting at the kitchen table with them or leaning over the verandah railing watching. So easy to imagine the settings and to feel the emotions especially the love that radiates out of every page. Thank you NR Walker, I feel privileged to have met Travis and Charlie and traveled along with them in the red dirt dust.
Loved the book, loved the series.I'm really going to miss those guys...
Sigh ~ sad its over !Love Charlie and Travis
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