Red & Wolfe, Part I (2000)
Red & Wolfe, Part I (2000)
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Sarah aka Red just lost her job and her boyfriend.Living hand to mouth she attempts to make contact with her grandmother , Gertrude , whom she's never met.On one of her nights in she catches an episode on the Crime channel about James Wolfe , a privileged New Yorker, who was accused  and acquitted of murder.  What made the story so sensational was the BDSM ,menages and who know what else linked to it , after the court case he sort of vanishes or does he ?! What Red doesn't know at the time is that their paths will cross. Red hears from her gran and is invited to meet her only to be met by a big bad Wolfe.Turns out that Wolfe worked for her gran. They also shared a love for nature, art and they liked being by themselves.So not only is she met by the big bad wolfe but she also has to deal with loss. To put the cherry on the cake she now has to deal with unexpected chemistry as well , she tries to fight it due to the other party being a real arrogant ass!In all honesty I don't think either one of them was expecting the chemistry .We did end off on a cliffhanger which is both frustrating and gives me something to look forward to !A ★★★★ read that allows your imagination to run wild !   First book of the year, and it was just what I needed: a quick, uncomplicated, sexy read for a tired and stressed reader looking for the perfect guilty pleasure.The novella is part of a 4-book series and didn't provide much in its first 50 pages, except for a quick background of both the MC's, "Red" and "Wolf". I'm not gonna lie to you, the idea of turning Little Red Riding Hood into an Erotica book kinda turns me on and freaks me out at the same time. I guess it's the whole "innocent fable" thing that sticks to you when you're little and see everything as innocent and dreamlike.Now that I'm all grow-up, though, I find the concept really stimulating - one of the few ideas that still has the power to pique my curiosity, when it comes to Erotica. I just hope it doesn't turn into another Fifty Shades wannabe.I found a couple of typos, but I liked the writing overall. Ella James has a funny voice and it did help that I find myself in a situation similar to Red's. I totally understand why she'd feel like losing herself into sex, I just wish she'll keep her sass throughout the story.
It's supper Short can't really decide weather I like the story until I read the rest of the series.
Great start to a series. Love the character building and the story premise.
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