Reiner Wein (2014)
Reiner Wein (2014)
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Modern crime mixed with a famous train robbery at the end of WWII. This is the plot of the latest Bruno book. The problem here--and the reason I only gave the book four stars--is that most readers will immediately make the connections and recognize the guilty parties. On the other hand, I doubt many people read the Bruno books for their crime solving. These books show us rural life in modern France, complete with politics, ex-patriots, and the weight of history. Bruno and his friends and neighbors are now our friends and neighbors as well. We read these books to see how their lives turn out. In the French village of St. Denis, an elderly man who was a Resistance Fighter in World War II dies, and some of his possessions link him to a notorious train robbery. Soon after, a burglary takes place, and a man is murdered in what could be a crime of homosexual revenge. Bruno has his hands full, but could these events all be linked somehow? This story was almost too complex. However, it was full of the characters we have come to know and enjoy, and we shared some good meals and the beautiful country of the Perigord region on France. Bruno’s relationships with the two women in his life may be reaching a turning point and that is also a plot line in this story. Although the loose ends do come together, not much is said about the train robbery. I’d like to know more.
Enjoyable light thriller/mystery with some French comfort food thrown in for good measure.
The more Bruno books I read, the more I appreciate St. Denis and it's people and environs.
Love this series - makes me want to visit the Perigord region!
Another excellent story - I very much liked it.
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