Rendezvous Rock (2009)
Rendezvous Rock (2009)
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1934759252 (ISBN13: 9781934759257)
Robert Reed Publishers
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BOO! This book was one of the biggest wastes of my time EVER! I swear every positive review must be friends of the author to consider this good. I do not rate things 1 star usually. I do not read half a book just to be so utterly bored with it that reading an encyclopedia would be more entertaining.Everything was drawn out. The characters have no depth. At first I was hoping for something. The first few pages had some potential. Not a lot, but some. They hook up, part and then it all falls apart. Worst portrayal of witches I have ever read in a YA/Adult novel. It seems like some research was done or magic casts, then thrown into a blender with mystery ingredients, poured out into this book and served to us to enjoy. I know this sounds harsh but this book was that bad in my opinion. You might like it. Good for you. Now I advise getting a brain scan. I won this book here on as a free giveaway. Let me start by saying I won this book on the first-reads giveaway page. I appreciate the author giving away these books and giving me a chance to review it. I'll be sharing it with other friends who I think will appreciate it (more than I did). I really wanted to like this book. I am a bit dissapointed though. The language doesn't flow easily. It seems like the author really struggled to find the right words for his thoughts. I found myself having to re-read some passages to help it make sense. I also found the characters less than what I wanted. I don't like the way they made light of nudity and sex either. Maybe "light" isn't the right word, but I feel strongly about being morally clean. There are constant turns but not too many suprises. The religion details are a whole lot more than what is needed too. The story gets a little lost in all the unnecessary and sometimes redundant details. On a positive note ... Some passages are very nicely done and evoke perfect pictures in the readers mind. I wish I could say more good things about this book. The author has some good potential so hopefully in his next book things will flow a bit smoother.
sounds really intersesting..and i only read the first sentence of the review!im going to read this.
Very interesting. Rickey wrote from the heart!
Good story with a different slant on witches.
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