Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns (2013)
Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns (2013)
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1439136637 (ISBN13: 9781439136638)
Simon & Schuster
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You know you are in trouble when you go into a book with summer-beach-read expectations, and you fall short of even this standard. This book, a sequel to Devil Wears Prada, just doesn't know where to go. The narrative is scattered. The main character, Andy, who has a quirky charm in the original, is now a really self-centered, unlikeable being. And this is where the book fails, it's not fun to read. It looks like a new edition of this book is also available, with more Miranda segments (great idea, should have thought of this to begin with), but as it stands it's a mess. I re-read the first book before starting the sequel. There were several VERY obvious continuity errors by the author that drove me crazy. Sister Jill's sons name is TDWP is Isaac, now in RWP she has 3 sons all with names that start with J. Andy & Alex were together for 4 years in TDWP but kept referring to a six year relationship in this book. Miranda's daughters only aged 8 years in the 10 years between books. How did an editor let all that go?? My main problem with the book is how misleading the title is! The Devil barely appears until page 300 and then has one devilish scene. It was quite a dull novel that should have been titled My Disastrous Year: How Andy was Deceived By Her Loved Ones. If you title it after your villain, use your villain!!!!
creo que es peor que el primero...lo terminé por disciplina pero no es de lo mejor que he leído
Just as bad as the first one, really dissapointed I wasted even a millisecond on this:(
Loved it, ending a little crap, but you can't have it all.
I thought it was good
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