Reward Of Three (2014)
Reward of Three (2014)
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Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
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So I really enjoyed the first 3 books in this series. Unfortunately this one just didnt' do it for me. I didn't feel the pull between all 3 characters like i did in the first 2 books. That being said it was still a quick read with a HEA. After reading so many books with cliffhangers I'm glad this one had a HEA. I still love both of our hero's. However our heroine did get on my nerves a bit throughout this one. I just wanted to slap her sometimes, but in the end she came to her senses and figured it out Reward of Three is the third installment in the Rules of Three Series, this is not a stand alone book, you need to read the first two books in the series first. Be warned, if you haven't read the first two books then this review may have some spoilers for you (but nothing that would ruin the enjoyment of the the series).Last week I sat down with Rule of Three (book #1) and found myself binge reading this series! Not only was the story engaging, it was a fascinating look inside three people lives. I LOVED how Kelly Jamieson takes on the menage lifestyle, showing the reader that things don't come easy when you live in a polyamorous relationship there are struggles and emotional upheavals. These stories were realistic and refreshing to read and I liked that these characters seemed like real people. Kelly Jamieson delivered three characters that you equally fall in love with and want them to find their way in this unique relationship. Needless to say, I was hooked from book one and loved that we got to keep visiting Kassidy, Dag and Chris as their relationship progressed and grew.In Reward of Three, we know from the back of the book (or the synopsis) that Dag, Chris and Kassidy are taking on parenthood but what made this book so interesting was how each of the three people in this relationship handled the news. Reward of Three takes place three years after Rhythm of Three (book #2) and things are staring to fall into place for our triad, they have found their "rhythm" and are really happy, then Kassidy gets pregnant and they have a whole new set of issues to face and tackle. (I won't say more on the plot to save you from spoilers).Kelly Jamieson does a great job taking our unconventional couple and showing the reader how they handle the day to day issues that every couple faces, but in their relationship of three is add that extra layer of complex. I loved the emotions, honesty and realness that Kelly Jamieson brings to this series. I have read a "few" menage books in my reading past and hands down Kelly Jamieson is an Author that knows how to tell a story that has heat, a great story and most importantly, heart. I loved getting to watch Kassidy, Dag and Chris evolve in their relationship and getting to check in on them over the last three books. Reward of Three takes an emotional turn I wasn't expecting but still delivered a powerful story that left me completely satisfied. If you have been reading the Rule of Three series then snatch up Reward of Three today and get reading, you are going to enjoy what happens next! If you haven't read Kelly Jamieson OR this series I highly recommend getting all three books and meeting Kassidy, Chris and Dag, you will not be disappointed (just be prepared to get sucked in and binge read all three books)!
Was good but disappointed in the length. Seems to be getting shorter as they go.
Good Story. Not too impressed with the writing at all
4.5 stars.
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