Rhapsody For Piano And Ghost (2011)
Rhapsody for Piano and Ghost (2011)
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THERE IS A CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY. This is one of my top pet peeves, when an author gets xer own characters' names mixed up.But other than that, it was good. I didn't really write anything else during the thing, which means I didn't really have much to complain about. Then again, I read part of it on my phone, so I wouldn't have been near the computer to type out anything.*shrugI don't have much to say, actually....this makes me think of when it's awkwardly quiet on ANTM. Nigel, I think, said it's not a good thing when the judges can't think of anything to say.But no, I liked it. Julian and Serge were absolutely adorable. I liked that they incorporated into the story and neither overpowered nor seemed superfluous. Fitz has got too many problems for me to even start on that child. I thought it was very well written (although I think I noticed at least one name switch), and I loved all the characters. I really felt for Fitz, the boy is so shy and lonely, and just trying to get a life of his own. I did get frustrated with how easily he always forgave Garrett, the rat.I wasn't sure how the ghost thing was going to work out at first, and initially planned to just skim their parts, but they actually fit into the story quite nicely.
Great book! Really well written and full of heart. Loved the heroes. Highly recommended.
A cute, likable story that's light on the angst.Three Stars!
Reread 8/28/2014 -best part of this story were the ghosts.
Loved this!
3.5 stars
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