Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die, Musings From The Road (2000)
Roll me up and smoke me when I die, musings from the road (2000)
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The writing in this is so-so.... but the stories are fun & you get a little insight into Shotgun Willie's mind... and I would crack up on the random jokes through-out the book. It's definitely a "my families great, I'm great" kind of biography, but I still enjoyed the read. The fact that my awesome friend got it signed for me, means it will be a permanent addition to my ever growing library.... Country music has always been my favorite. My favorite would have to be the outlaws. Since Willie Nelson is apart of that group I had to read it. The book was kinda sad at the starting because willies parents had died and he had to live with his grandma and grandpa on a cotton farm. An interesting part is how he was inspired to be a country singer. One day he was picking cotton and and a white Cadillac rolled up to the farm. That day he knew he wasn't going to be picking cotton for the rest he was gonna become a country singer. I plan on reading some of his other books to.
Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die by Willie Nelson~What a hoot!!
Very pleasant and amusing book. Nice gift book.
Should have cleaned my house instead.
Loved every minute of it!
The Tao of Willie!
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