Romancing The Billionaire (2014)
Romancing the Billionaire (2014)
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Violet has been heart-broken over how things ended with Jonathon Lyons' over 10 years ago assuming him to be an egotistical jerk who abandoned her. Little does she know Jonathon has been just as torn up, if not more so, than she was over how things ended between them a decade ago. In attempts at reconnecting with Violet, if not in a romantic way at least in a friendly way, he follows Violet's deceased father's instructions to follow a scavenger hunt that leads them around the world. With this new trip happening Violet is afraid of what her emotions are doing to her, and what they mean for their future.This book was entertaining for me. Sometimes it was predictable but that is only because after reading so many romance novels you already have an idea of what will happen, it's just that every story has a different twist to the normal story. Such as the couple will fight to break up but will end up together. It just is different in each way an author writes it. And luckily Jessica Clare always makes it interesting, so I'm never worried that I'm reading a romance novel of hers. The characters of Violet and Jonathon were so interesting for me, I loved when the story followed either one of them because they were both characters that I wanted to get to know more. Jonathon was the billionaire business man who has headstrong about getting the love of his life to love him, which is sometimes rare to get an insight into. And Violet was a quiet school teacher who had once been a wild teenager when she first met Jonathon and seeing that was interesting. I also really liked being able to see previous characters that I have met through the billionaire boys club books, there were only a few chapters when we saw these characters but I was really glad to see them again. This book was definitely name inappropriately. There was no romancing of the billionaire Jonathon Lyons in this book there was only one irritating female character who was nice one minute and a total B the next. I have read hundreds of books and can honestly say that I have never been as frustrated with the female lead as I was with Olivia. I honestly felt sorry for Jonathon who was constantly catering to her every need while being terribly mistreated by her. I was actually rooting for him to find someone else. It was really hard to feel a connection between these two because of the behavior represented by Olivia. Sure she had issues don't we all but she repeatedly drew him in only to push him away. She definitely didn't deserve him. Very disappointed in the route Ms. Clare took with these characters.
I loved this one but cant say its more or less than the others in the series.
Well, what can I say? I'm a sucker for second chance romances.
i really want to read this but cant it full online
Not up to others in the series
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